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My name is Lucie. I have been living in Brno for years, but my roots are elsewhere (and so are my husband´s). I never saw it as a thing… until we became a family. The first few months after I gave birth to our baby boy were everything but easy. When I once had a moment to contemplate all we´d been through since we´d found out we were expecting, I felt a strong need to share and help. I realized there must be many other mums and mums-to-be in and around Brno, who are struggling with their new role, with the emotions and feelings, tiredness, worries and frustrations it often brings – just like I used to struggle. Women who need someone to talk to; someone who´ll listen and understand without judging. Or just someone to chat with and have fun, because sometimes, that is what they´re missing at the moment.

Anyway, if you feel like you might be such woman, contact me. I will be happy to chat, either by messenger, or face to face. We can have a cup of coffee or go for a walk. I also offer babysitting in the city – if you need to see a dentist or have an appointment at some bureau but have no-one who´ll keep an eye on your baby in the stroller while you´re away, I can help. Because I can recall at least half a dozen situations I would need a friend who´d offer exactly this when our boy was a little baby.

Already started to think about the price of all this? The first meetup is free. The next ones are barter-based.  You can buy me a coffee, or bring me a pack of diapers for the little one (or anything else we´d use and you can afford. This is one of the things we will discuss on the first meetup).  

Sounds good? Visit my FB page or send me an e-mail :)  

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